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Integrated Web Design & Marketing
Web site creation based in SW France with an international clientele.

Projects ranging from small 'visiting card' to large e-commerce solutions.




Our Services

  • Web Site Creation, Graphics, Animation
  • E-Commerce web functions such as shopping carts and secure checkout
  • Database functions using Microsoft and open source servers.
  • Mobile site creation
  • Domain name management and recovery
  • Network Installation and Trouble Shooting etc

Scope of our involvement

View the full list of sites we have created or worked on in the last few years.

In most cases our involvement has been the creation of the site from start to finish (site design, creation of graphics and animations, coding, testing etc.).

In a few of the cases the scope of our input has been more targeted and we have just provided eg. network programming expertise or set up database or secure payments functions.

Contact us

If you want to discuss your web project, or you want to know more details about our qualifications or business structure then contact us by email or phone: +33 (0)6 11 08 80 96

Protocols and Languages

In addition to providing a sophisticated service for the design, creation and modification of sites, we also provide a range of services all of which relate to the workings of the Internet Protocols and database languages.

A summary of the protocols we have used include:

  • TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP, RIP, BGP for networking
  • DNS, HTTP, TLS/SSL, FTP for websites
  • SMTP, POP and IMAP for mail transfer
  • SNMP, ICMP for network programming

In addition to these protocols, which are part of the 'Internet Protocol Suite', IPv6 is the planned successor to IPv4 (the current version). Where necessary we are already adding code to accommodate this eventual change.

We have a detailed knowledge of these protocols and can thus tackle any projects or problems relating to the Internet......

The main scripts/languages we use include:

  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, DOM scripting
  • Flash Actionscript, Ajax (Javascript and XML)
  • .Net/C#/SQL Server and PHP/MySql
  • Java


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