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We have a detailed understanding of the underlying communications protocols which enables us to solve most network problems.


Installation of Office & home networks.

We can design and install home and office newtworks based on wireless, cable, or a mixture of the two. This could involve configuring a wireless modem router from one of the broadband providers, or it could involve installation of a complete system from broadband modem to router, switches, hubs, network interface cards etc.


We are experienced in working with the underlying technologies and in particular the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) and Transport Control Protocol and Internet Protocols (TCP/IP) which form the basis for much of the network systems.

Network Components

If you are having trouble with your ADSL broadband installation or want to upgrade it's performance contact us.

Equally, if you need help configuring firewalls, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) etc, get in touch.
We have experience installing many brands of modems, routers, switches, bridges etc, including the following:


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