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  • CSS3 makes cool effects easier
  • HTML5: audio and video tags, offline data storage, geolocation, element positioning, canvas





As we described in the Animation section, CSS3 makes animating websites much simpler. Among other things, it adds the following:

  • Transforms of elements - translating (moving), resizing, skewing, rotating, scaling
  • Transitions - timed changes of stylesheet attributes, transforms etc
  • Animations - more complex routines of transforms and transitions

The great thing is that no scripting (Flash, Javascript etc) is required - it is all done by the style sheet, and a web browser that supports the new CSS3 properties. Internet Explorer 11 is still way behind other browsers in supporting HTML5 and CSS3, but they are getting there, and all major browsers now provide support.

For the client it means that a more pleasing presentation can be produced in less time.



Some of the major changes that come with HTML5 are as follows:

  • Audio and video tags: These will allow simple addition of sound and video files without the need for Flash or Javascript.
  • Offline storage: More space for a browser to store persistent and non-persistent data. At the moment cookies do this, but to a much more limited extent.
  • Geolocation: This will provide information on your location.
  • Canvas: An area on the webpage that allows dynamic bitmap rendering - ie. you can draw in it!


As with the implementation of CSS3, the new version of HTML will eventually open up new possibilities for users to interact with websites. The new tags for audio and video represent a huge advance for including media in websites. Implementation of these new tags has already started with some browsers and will improve through 2012.

For the client it will mean the ability to add sound and video where and when it makes sense - easily.


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